Online calculators are the calculators that are found online, and they can make one's work easy by helping him or her in solving issues. Issues that are helped to be solved by online calculators are like unit converters that assist in calculating the binary, inverse and complement codes, conversion of decimal number to other notation, nautical measurement units, and Beaufort scale imperial to metric and metric to imperial measures of length converters.


They also help in telecommunication calculation such as telecommunication traffic, Erlang, VOIP call bandwidth, flag semaphore signals and PBX channel number calculation. The calculation of finance is done by the online computers in helping them get the simple interest, compound interest, price based on running meter, calculation of payments on corporate property tax and much more. By the help of online calculators, the engineers use it in finding the derivative calculator. The limit of functions at a given point, hip roof calculator, direct observation error analysed tank volume. The computers also use the online calculators in getting Huffman coding, Hill cipher, simple math in any numeral system, conversion between two positional numeral system and much more.


In life we need calculations, and the calculations are made by the online Pythagorean Theorem Calculator calculating health issues such as the basic metabolic rate, ideal weight calculator using body mass index and body fat calculation using the YMCA formula. The date and time are calculated using the online calculators to get time, total sum, moon phases, using of time summary and age interval.


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